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SchoolSAFE™ Network


Communicate Directly With First Responders SchoolSAFE Network

The SchoolSAFE Network provides a direct line of communication between MOTOTRBO radios and public safety agencies’ Project 25 (P25) radios. The 9-1-1 dispatchers control and monitor the flow of information by bridging the radio systems when a call comes in from a school. Once the SchoolSAFE public safety bridge is activated, school personnel use their MOTOTRBO radios to talk directly with 9-1-1 dispatchers and first responders heading to the scene. Instead of information passing through multiple parties or being incomplete, everyone is on the same channel and can exchange information as an incident unfolds. Sustainable training with real-life scenarios is integral to the SchoolSAFE program so schools learn how to act as incident command, operating their radios confidently, in order to effectively interoperate with public safety.


Remote Activation

SchoolSAFE Communications with remote activation software and firmware gives SchoolSAFE an IP address and a presence inside school and PSAP data networks. With this powerful, yet simple activation and de-activation tool, the audio communications is instantly available for rapid response, or for other applications such as audio recording or situation play back. This takes the burden off the school and PSAP staff so they can focus on the incident.

Enhanced Notification

SchoolSAFE Communications with Enhanced Notification Software works in conjunction with Remote Activation to inform and warn students and faculty via e-mail, that a SchoolSAFE event is in progress. Enhanced notification provides awareness to those who need it so the utmost command and control over schools and first responder resources can be attained and situations can be handled most effectively

Upgrade and Expansion Capabilities

Expansion modules can be easily added in the future. As radio systems change, the SchoolSAFE product can be easily modified to accommodate those changes. Dependent upon what changes, one or two radios can be replaced or reprogrammed. A second channel maybe added for daily use by school security and administrative personnel.

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